Altitude Recorder

Altitude Recorder records calls and screens for later retrieval. The recordings can be used for compliance regulation purposes, as proof of commitment between the contact center and its customers; or as a quality management instrument to identify agent training needs and promote best practices.

Altitude Recorder records voice and screens. Recordings are stored in a centralized database for later retrieval. Altitude Recorder supports search by business data, such as customer name, customer phone number or date and time.

Recordings can be exported in batches, this is a very useful feature for outsourcers that need to deliver interaction recordings to their campaign sponsors.

The thin client Management Portal application can be provided to campaign sponsors for remote access to recordings, with the appropriate data access levels set.

Recordings can be started either by policy (record all agent or record all campaign calls and screens), by direct command on the agent desktop interface or by commands within the Altitude Scripting Language; this option allows complex business rule driven recording policies.

Altitude Recorder can also be deployed with Altitude vBox or with 3rd party switches using extension tapping with the specific Altitude Recorder Adapter boxes. These boxes can be either internal to the agent workstations or external directly connected to the agent phones.

Project based integrations with other, third party Quality Monitoring products can be achieved through Altitude APIs.