Altitude Unified Routing

The Altitude uCI suite offers a routing module, Altitude Unified Routing, that features a truly blended interaction distribution, universal queue, handling priorities, skills-based routing, intelligent database routing, and multisite virtual routing.

The Altitude Unified Routing is an optional module for custom, business based interaction distribution. Default distribution for each media follows:

  • Calls are distributed based on the DNIS and the longest idle agent.
  • Chats are distributed according to an identifier in the chat control that is matched to an identifier defined at the campaign level.
  • Emails are distributed according to email addresses they are sent to.
  • Facebook posts are distributed based on the originating page.
  • Tweets are distributed according to the account tagged.
  • Priorities are defined per media type and are taken into consideration by the router.

Workflow tasks are always distributed using Altitude Unified Routing and therefore sophisticated routing, such as skills-based and script-based are available.

For real time interactions, such as calls and chats; there is also the possibility of defining a campaign for overflow purposes, if the campaign does not have agents ready or if the number of interactions in queue has reached the limit. Altitude Email can filter bounced, duplicate, or failed emails and can also discard or overflow emails to a campaign or email address.

Altitude Unified Routing can route all interactions. However, to route only calls the contact center can make a switch to ACD, certified to interoperate with Altitude uCI.