Altitude Voice Portal

Altitude Voice Portal is the Altitude uCI solution for voice self-service in the contact center. Automated call handling reduces load on the contact center and offers 24x7x365 service to customers, increasing contact center profitability and quality of service.

This module includes intelligent machine to human interaction based on Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text To Speech (TTS), as well as full IVR applications implemented with touch tones. It can be IP and TDM based and also includes outbound dialling capabilities.

ASR and TTS functionality is achieved with Altitude Connectors to leading providers Nuance and Loquendo.

Self-service applications are built using Altitude Scripting Language or Voice XML. Applications built with Altitude Scripting Language can leverage interaction routing and agent desktops. Altitude Script Developer supports the developing and testing of Altitude Voice Portal applications, including the simulation of user input and output as well as a graphical depiction of application flow.

Altitude Voice Portal is fully integrated with the rest of the Altitude uCI suite for management, online monitoring and historical reporting, including trigger call backs and the sending of email, fax and SMS messages. Altitude Voice Portal functionality can run over IP allowing an optimal distribution of resources and hosted setup scenarios, or deployed directly via ISDN trunks or behind a switch (CTI, trunk or IP based).