Altitude Workflow Integration

Processes have been ubiquitous since the origin of contact centers but they were, and still are, more focused on live interactions with customers. Indeed, in a typical customer service contact center there are clearly defined processes for almost everything, since productivity and cost depend on this factor.

What is sometimes missing is the management of all these processes in a holistic way and the appropriate tools to manage them across all departments of the company. Moving the driving indicators from productivity and cost to service level and quality of the customer experience, is very much related to this issue.

And there is no doubt that to achieve a superior customer experience the contact center has to have a complete, end-to-end process to solve and close all customer issues. This may require the involvement of departments of the company other than the contact center or customer operations.

Altitude uCI incorporates a workflow especially designed to implement and manage the processes related to customer interactions. Altitude Workflow helps extend the contact center discipline to everybody in the organization, achieving outstanding customer service.

With Altitude Workflow customer issues are transformed into workflow cases that follow certain predefined rules (the business' processes) and guide the cooperation between agents in the contact center and employees in other departments of the organization.