PlaceCam Features

Integration with Boardroom Systems:

PlaceCam can easily integrate room video conferencing systems from major manufacturers such as Polycom, Tandberg, LifeSize, and Sony. All that is needed is a SIP connection to these systems. This gives you enormous flexibility when contacting external business partners and inviting them to a video conference.

Microsoft Outlook Integration:

To make scheduling video conferences as painless as possible, an Outlook plug-in for PlaceCam is provided, thus you can use the Outlook calendar functions to plan your video conferences with the invited participants receiving a reminder of the conference date prior to joining the conference.

Lotus Notes Sametime:

Using PlaceCam4Sametime is intuitive and straightforward - During a web meeting with IBM Lotus Sametime just start PlaceCam4Sametime from the menu. The audio and video communication over PlaceCam4Sametime is controlled completely and automatically by the webmeeting, eliminating the need for additional software.