C4B XPhone UC 2011

XPhone Unified Communications bundles all communication channels such as landlines, mobile phones, fax, voicemail,text messaging and instant messaging; augments them with presence information and integrates them in applications and business processes in line with the respective situation. Integrated Collaboration services also facilitate fast and smooth cooperation within the company.

XPhone Unified Communications can be deployed as a complete UC system or as an independent CTI server, fax server, as a voicemail system, Auto Attendant or TAPI server for augmenting existing PBX systems.

XPhone Unified Communications can be used for any size of company with the result that the solution always keeps pace with company growth.

All services are integrated in a platform where they can be managed centrally, even if various PBX systems or several locations are interconnected. User data and security groups can be transferred securely from your Active Directory.